Now It’s Grandma’s Turn to Wii

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Presenter: Allan M. Kleiman (Old Bridge Public Library)

Description: While some libraries have focused their gaming activities with children and teens, the Old Bridge Public Library's "Senior Spaces" Project saw the potential and possibility of developing a model program of gaming with older adults. Utilizing the Library's Teen Advisory Board as mentors, the teens introduced the seniors to a variety of Wii games and activities. Over the course of this past year, Wii gaming has become a regular part of senior activities in the Library. Outcomes of gaming with seniors have created an inter-generational understanding between seniors and teens as well as introducing technology to seniors in a non-threatening, fun-filled environment so seniors can then feel more comfortable attending computer classes. Gaming at the Old Bridge (NJ) Public Library has been a win-win situation for all!

Intended Audiences:

  • Pretty much any librarian


  • All types of libraries

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