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Keynote Speakers

Marc Prensky
Speaker, writer, consultant, and designer in the areas of education and learning
Author of the book Don't Bother Me Mom, I'm Learning
Presenting Don't Bother Me, Mom -- I'm Learning: How Computer and Video Games Are Preparing Kids For 21st Century Success -- and How You Can Help on Sunday, November 2, at 1:15 p.m.

Dr. Lawrence Kutner
Author, columnist, licensed psychologist, a Fellow of the American Psychological Association
Co-author of the book Grand Theft Childhood
Presenting Grand Theft Childhood? Real Data on Violent Video Games and Youth on Monday, November 3, at 8:30 a.m.

Andrew Bub
Writer, author, stay-at-home-dad, expert on videogames and children
Presenting GamerDad: Helping Kids & Parents Find the Right Games on Tuesday, November 4, at 9:00 a.m.

Jon-Paul Dyson
Vice President for Exhibit Research and Development and Associate Curator of Electronic Games at Strong National Museum of Play
Presenting The Power of Play Today on Tuesday, November 4, at 12:00 p.m.

Special Guest Speakers

Eli Neiburger
Manager, Information Access and Systems
Author of Gamers…in the Library?! The Why, What, and How of Videogame Tournaments for All Ages (2007)

Scott Nicholson
Assistant Professor, School of Information Studies, Syracuse University
Author of Board Games with Scott

2008 Sessions

Sessions are listed alphabetically by title. The preliminary program is also available with individual time slots listed.

  1. Alignment: How Connecting Games Opens Doors - Brian Mayer, Christopher Harris
  2. All I Really Needed to Know about Administration, I Learnt from Arathi Basin - BWS Johnson
  3. Assessing the Potential for Teaching Undergraduates Information Literacy - Karen Markey
  4. Birth of a Teen Activity Room - Jean Gardner
  5. Brains by Nintendo: What They Know about Learning that We Should - Corrine Syster
  6. Circulating Videogames: A Must Have For All Libraries - Anna Slaughter
  7. Connecting with Beginning Readers - Amber Creger, Teresa Walls
  8. Digital Gaming in Library Instruction: Exploring Academic Library Users’ Perceptions - Michael Robertson
  9. Dragons in the Stacks: Fantasy Role Playing Games in Libraries - Cason Snow
  10. Games in Libraries? Teach Me More - Randy Christensen
  11. Gaming Night Extravaganza: Freedom to Learn - Ian Crone, Donna Goodwyn, Kyle Jones, Jessica Weber
  12. Gaming Spaces, Library Spaces - David Baker, George C. A. Bergstrom, Lisa Janicke Hinchliffe, Annie Zeidman-Karpinski
  13. Gaming Steering Committee: One Academic Library’s Approach - George C. A. Bergstrom
  14. Gender and Gaming - Allison Angell, Beth King
  15. Get Outside and Game: Forming Partnerships with Other Community Organizations - Laura Pallister
  16. GISK & FAS Learning Technologies: Games for Classroom Education - Ann Crewdson, Angelique Kopa, Michelle Lucey-Roper
  17. Go for the 1up! Score Big Points when Pitching a Video Games Collection - David Baker, Annie Zeidman-Karpinski
  18. H4cking ur Library for the Gaming Industry - Tracey Amey
  19. Hey! Wii Want to Do That Too!: Gaming and the Elementary Learner - Patty Saidenberg
  20. HYPEr Activity: Detroit Public Library’s Teen Center - Steven Teeri, Oneka Wilson
  21. I Love Nintendo and So Should You - John Kirriemuir
  22. IL Challenged? Don’t Blame Them, Game Them - Marsha Spiegelman, Richard Glass
  23. Integrating Non-Visual Access Into A Library’s Gaming Experience - Larry Lewis, Jr.
  24. Late Night Library Show - Christopher Harris, Brian Mayer, Scott Nicholson
  25. Lessons for History from Rome: Total War - Seann Dikkers
  26. Lessons Learned from Building an Information Literacy Game - Bee Gallegos, Dan Hood, Karen Markey; Paul Waelchli, moderator
  27. Leveling Up Your Librarians: Teaching with Videogame Strategies - Paul Waelchli
  28. Now It’s Grandma’s Turn to Wii - Allan M. Kleiman
  29. Outreach 2.0: Using Games to Teach and Inspire - Kathy Makens
  30. Reading & Creating Stories: Making the Book Connection - Suellen Adams
  31. Smash Bash: Creating a Community around Smash Brothers Brawl - Jami Schwarzwalder, Alex Byrne
  32. Starting a School Gaming Program with Absolutely No Budget - Annie Bergeron, Tom Hocker
  33. Step Up Your Game - Bob Hassett
  34. Subject Access to Videogames: Beyond LCSH - Nanette Donohue
  35. Take Me to the 21st Century - Jennifer Nelson, Keith Braafladt
  36. Talking Walls, Hidden Stories: QR Codes - Bonnie Peirce, Joan Howland
  37. Teens, Video Games, and Civics: What the Research Is Telling Us - Amanda Lenhart
  38. Turning Gamers into Readers: What Wii Can Do - Lindsey Patrick Wesson, Lori Easterwood
  39. Videogame Night in the Academic Library: Video Games as Educational - Kelly Lambert
  40. What Every Librarian Needs to Know about Videogames and the Law - Mark Methenitis
  41. Willing to Learn and Play: A Survey of Gaming in Academic Libraries - Scott Rice
  42. Wizards Play Network: Bringing Organized Play into your Library - Tom Ko

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